Williams Petroleum Consulting provides expertise in the upstream oil and gas industry to clients ranging from individual investors and small independents through to large multinationals and national oil companies.  Expertise includes:

  • Asset valuation and economic analysis for acquisition and divestiture.
  • Risk and uncertainty analysis and valuation.
  • Evaluation and optimization of tight gas and naturally fractured reservoirs.
  • Numerical Simulation studies (Black Oil, Equation of State, Thermal).
  • Pressure transient program design and analysis
  • Log analysis and SCAL studies
  • Economics and feasibility studies
  • Capital budgeting studies
  • Project management
  • Drilling and completion programs and AFE Preparation
  • Oil and Gas market and price studies
  • Geologic studies (3-D Seismic interpretation, Geologic modeling)
  • Basin potential studies
  • Exploration studies